How The Nemechek Protocol helped one mom overcome Depression and Anxiety!

I am 43yo. I’ve had issues as long as I can remember. I’ve never slept well, was always tired. I had strep 3-4 times a year as a child. I always had awful stomach aches. I would lay on the floor in the fetal position after many meals, just doubled over in pain.

It my later teens, I developed depression. I was treated for it for a few years then. But I would suffer with it here and there. In my 20s, I binge drank and smoked. When I decided to quit smoking is when I really started to spiral into bad health. I immediately got bronchitis and got a round of antibiotics for that, and (with one exception) I haven’t felt well since then.

I started having frequent sinus infections and getting more antibiotics. I developed floaters in my eyes, migraines and hemorrhoids. I saw various doctors and was told this is normal for a woman in her 30s. I was 27.

The sinus infections and migraines continued. The ENT found nothing wrong with my sinuses. MRIs, cat scans, xrays, etc. found no reason for my migraines. And then I had a migraine that never stopped. Again western medicine found no cause. And pharmaceuticals offered no cure. It was at this point a co-worker suggested a chiropractor. He said his wife swore by chiropractic for migraines.

So I researched chiropractors and found one that seemed promising. He treated with supplements as well as standard chiropractic care. Around there began my journey down the rabbit hole of biomedical and diet changes. I did cleanses and diets, researched everything. Candida detox. Gallstones cleanse. Liver detox. Kidney cleanse. Adrenal Fatigue diet. Supplements for every ailment. Which by this time, that list of ailments was growing. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is the only diagnosis my family doctor could provide.

During this time, I also suddenly became a single parent. The next 2 years were very stressful adjusting to our new life, dealing with his special needs, and the stress of a court battle for custody, in addition to my health issues. Shortly after becoming a single parent, I found and started GAPS diet for both of our issues. GAPS diet was amazing for the first year. He seemed to do a complete turn around and I felt amazing. Tons of energy, no more health issues, I really thought this was our answer.

Then after about 1 year on GAPS, I crashed. Suddenly all my issues and more came flooding back. In the years to come I would conclude that I went too low carb and crashed my adrenals. But I couldn’t come back. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get back to that great health I had that first year. My  son was doing ok on it. So I finished out 18mos on it but kept him on for another 6 months.

After that, my health just tanked. My depression returned and brought anxiety with it. Migraines came back. I got every cold and virus that came around. My attendance at work tanked. Doctors still had no answers. I started seeing a Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor. Which gave no real help, I told her when I started that my health was too poor to take on huge lifestyle changes. She listened at first, but then ramped up more and more necessary without giving me any improvement. Then I was laid off my job. The next week I dislocated a rib. After those, I stopped TCM.

I decided to take the year off work, to try to recover my health. We moved to a nearby town with cheaper living, but things didn’t really get any better. The first 9 months or so was ok, but I didn’t see much improvement in my health. I tried essential oils and still whatever supplement I read up on. I tried meditations and mindfulness.

The financial strain of being unemployed took a toll and my anxiety hit the roof. I wasn’t making ends meet. I tried to go back to work and failed, just ended up making my health worse.

April 2016 we moved again (with some family help), back to my hometown, across the country to Ohio where I lucked into much better healthcare. I added to my CFS diagnosis with new ones for rheumatoid arthritis, Major depressive disorder, Generalized Anxiety disorder, Fibromyalgia and sleep apnea. Finally some answers for what I seeing, but still no effective treatments. Depression meds gave me no results or only side effects and the psychiatrist diagnosed me with treatment resistant depression.

I did continue counseling and therapy. I found small improvement from that. And some from the family support of being back home. But I still was nowhere near healthy enough to work. I applied for disability and was denied. I was preparing to appeal but then I discovered Nemechek Protocol.

In July 2017, I discovered Nemechek Protocol. I’d heard of it before but thought it was for speech issues only. Neither my son or I had any issues there. Once I realized it was for all autism, I bought the components and started my son on it. As I read more about NP, I realized it could help me too and bought the adult products and started.

After about 6wks on NP with inulin (and the oils), I laughed out loud. My son looked at me like I had two heads. I had been depressed so long, he didn’t remember hearing me laugh before. From there my progress has been slow and steady. On inulin I found very consistent slow and steady healing. My anxiety was low and usually gone. My fibromyalgia was gone. Sleep apnea slowly improved. Rheumatoid arthritis was gone. Depression seemed to ease a little, but was still very much in control of my life.

After about a year on NP with inulin, I was able to get Rifaximin. Since starting Rifaximin, my progress has been more up and down. I have continued to improve but it’s definitely been more choppy. My anxiety comes back in a flare after each round, then subsides and I see further healing. It is definitely what I needed and I continue to heal further, but it is a lot more ups and downs than I found with inulin.

So where am I today? I am back to work part time, something I never would have thought possible a couple years ago. I am living life rather than just surviving.

Just over a year and a half on NP has completely changed the targetry of my life. (Not to mention my son’s, he’s recovered from moderate autism, click here for his recovery story.) We are making plans for our bright future.

I just bought a gym membership when less than 2yrs ago I could barely drag myself off the couch. Looking forward to the next 40+yrs of my life rather than dreading how much longer I might survive without really being able to live.

Thank you will never be enough to express how much Dr. Nemechek’s Protocol did for me. His protocol has truly saved my life.

** Are you wondering if The Nemechek Protocol can help you get the same recovery as Catherine?  If you are interested in learning more about this life changing Protocol then come join us in The Nemechek Protocol VIP Support Group.  Catherine is one of the Support Coaches there and will use her expertise to guide you to your own Success Story!


  1. I just wish you a full recovery. And long happy healthy life.
    Your story brought tears to my eyes.
    I believe hard times are passing for you and your lovely son.
    Always love your dedication to the group and very appreciate your help 💕


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