Amazing Success Story Update!

Update as of October 2018.


We’ve now been on Nemechek Protocol for 15months and the gains just keep coming. As of the last update, I mentioned that my son is recovered from autism, due to the fact he’d never get an autism diagnosis now. Well, I will go one step further and say you absolutely cannot tell the difference between him another NT tween.

So where have we been since the original blog post?

At around our one year mark, we went on vacation with my mom’s side of the family. And suddenly my son was indistinguishable from his cousins. Typically the 2 boys a year younger than him run circles around my son. This year, he was right out there with them, kayaking like he’d been doing it his whole life when last year he couldn’t control the kayak at all.

One thing I missed saying in the original blog post was that at around 5mos on Nemechek protocol, my son started refusing EVOO in and on food. So I came clean with him. I told him it was a required part of NP. I had already been pointing out gains he was seeing that were due to Nemechek protocol, so he had bought in at this point. And he agreed to do a measured dose of EVOO daily.

We started at the ½ tablespoon as that was the recommended dose for his 10yrs of age. As soon as we got consistent with this, so did the gains. The executive functioning gains started coming and kept coming. We eventually worked up to 1 tablespoon daily just as he was about to turn 11yo.

At 13months on Nemechek Protocol, I decided to try Rifaximan with my son. His autism was gone and I was certain he was going to great during the upcoming school year. But there was still no change to asthma and he was still constipated. He was also 11.5yo by this point. And as we all know, Dr. Nemecheck says that somewhere between 10-20yo inulin stops being enough and you need to use Rifaximin. With just 2wks before school started, I pulled the trigger and started my son on Rifaximin.

He started another awakening immediately. He was instantly more aware (which I didn’t think was possible) and I also saw the insomnia indicative of awakening. I’m thankful we waited this long to try Rifaximin as I feel the awakening reaction would have been much worse if we’d done it earlier. After 14mos, he had recovered from ADHD and autism, so his ANS had obviously healed a lot in that time.

After he finished the round of Rifaximin, he was instantly more cognitively aware. He started telling stories accurately and made them interesting and best of all, he started telling me what it was like before he recovered. Then we went back to the pulmonologist (asthma doctor) and he re-tested my son’s airways. The last appt my son’s airways were only 37% open. This appt, 90% open. The doctor was beside himself. He’d never seen such amazing improvement.

And here we are October 2018, My son has already been in school for 6wks and gotten midterm grades. He is in 5th-grade mainstream class. He still technically has an IEP but doesn’t seem to need it any longer. He’s completing all his work in the general ed setting. He’s not getting any special ed pullouts for tutoring or any help. He’s complying with the class rules even when it’s things he doesn’t want to do. He comes home and does his homework himself. I used to have to sit with him to keep him on task and help him find each answer. Now he’s just a normal kid, doing it himself and asking a question here and there. I actually emailed his teacher worried that he was forgetting things and she replied that it’s been an issue for the entire 5th grade class this year. My kid has normal problems, for the first time ever!

And those midterm grades, all As & Bs with one C+ in math. Last year he was over an entire grade level behind in math and refusing to do it. This year he’s average for his current grade? I told him I expected better on the quarterly grades but secretly I almost cried. This year he’s done it all himself and he’s succeeding. It’s all I ever wanted for him.

One more bit of information to answer a commonly asked question from my last post. What was his ATEC before starting NP? It was about 60. I didn’t actually do an ATEC before, but I went back and filled it out for before to the best of my ability and I got 59. I did it this morning and I got 2. Two!!!!

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