Another Nemechek Success Story!

My now 11yo son (name withheld for privacy) is diagnosed with moderate ASD and ADHD. He has a genetic defect, Fragile X chromosome repeats. This is considered his cause of autism. He is genetically my nephew and his bio mom abused opiates during pregnancy. It is unknown exactly what her drug use may have affected, but I am certain this accounts for some of his issues, especially his slow processing speed. He was verbal and considered conversational. His main issues were focus/executive functioning deficits, slow processing speed, refusal to do anything (schoolwork he’d done yesterday, he’d refuse today, saying he can’t), constipation, quick to anger/meltdown, sensory issues with clothes/food, big issues with transitions, verbal stims, inability to follow multiple step directions, immaturity, difficulty transitioning. He is very strong willed and unfortunately didn’t typically understand and reacted without waiting for all the facts.

He was kicked out of school in the 2nd grade because of his behavior. He ran away from school. Even when he would stay in school, he was sent to the office most days and I was called to pick him up. He regressed further due to all the stress at this school that couldn’t handle him. He was completely out of control.  We had tried lots of biomedical to this point. The only thing that had actually helped was GAPS diet. But I watched my son lose all those gains and more, as he regressed at this school.

Instead of accepting the school’s recommendation that he be put in a Special Day Class (what they call the contained special education classroom), we moved to a suburban school district (near family) known for their work with special needs kids. He started there the last month of 2nd grade. In the 3rd grade, the new school slowly started working with him, and his behavior improved a little at a snail’s pace. He was still getting in trouble here and there. I was still getting phone calls from the school regularly. He was still very behavioral at home and school, very reactive. He would react at small issues, have a full meltdown and need hours to recover. A couple months into 3rd grade, I decided to try an adrenal supplement with him. A few months on that and his behavior started to calm a little. He got a little more cooperative at school. He wouldn’t always react. But still when he did react it’d still be a meltdown and he’d need lots of time to recover.

The summer after 3rd grade, I found the Nemechek protocol. I had seen discussion of it previously in biomed groups, but I thought it was only for speech delays and nonverbal kids. As soon as I realized that it could also help my son, I ordered the supplements. We started Nemechek protocol in July 2017. This was before the book came out before we knew of the restriction of omega 6 oils. My son was 10.5yo. He started with 1 inulin gummy, 2 Nordic Naturals Fishies and California Olive Ranch EVOO on/in food. We upped 1 gummy per week. And the beginning of the 3rd week, my son experienced the awakening. All of a sudden he was calm. This boy never once walked since he learned to run. He used to run from one “shiny” thing to the next. He never used to interact with me when we were anywhere, the kids’ museum or grocery store, it was all too exciting; he had to run from one thing to the next. July 26th we went to the zoo and he was a different kid. He walked next to me the entire afternoon. He interacted with me the whole time. It was unbelievable! And he’s stayed calm; he walks mostly now, except when it’s more appropriate/expected. He interacts with me a lot more when we are out. We have a completely different relationship.

We slowly worked up to the recommended dose of fish oil. My son started refusing the Nordic Naturals Fishies. He also needed a higher dose. I had the Now DHA 500 capsules for myself. I started opening those capsules and putting in ice cream for him. He didn’t know it was there. Once we got to that dose (one capsule, 750mg DHA+EPA), it was obvious he was having histamine issues. He has allergies and asthma. I had to keep him at 1 Now DHA 500 capsule per day or he’d have asthma attacks.

He also needed more EVOO. He would refuse foods with EVOO on them. At first I could put it in food and get some past him, but eventually, he just refused all of it. So I came clean with him and explained that the EVOO was part of the protocol. By then (about 4months on the protocol), he was recognizing the changes in himself. (I was always pointing out his progress and relating it to the protocol, hoping he would internalize it.) So when I came clean, I explained that his brain needed the EVOO to heal and he started taking it as a shot. We started with ½ tablespoon daily.

About this time, the book came out and we learned of the diet restriction: avoidance of omega 6 oils. We had had so many gains already without avoiding the omega 6 oils, so I didn’t go overboard with it. I did go through my son’s regular lunchbox items and replace those with NP-approved snacks. I do buy the NP-approved foods when I have an available choice. I also always cook in approved oils and only use approved oils at home. That was pretty easy for us since I typically used butter or coconut oil anyway. I just started cooking more in EVOO.

As my son healed on the protocol, his histamine reactions have lessened and we were able to up the fish oil to 2 Now DHA 500 capsules, then to 3 capsules. And as he adjusted (mentally and digestively) to the straight EVOO, we upped that to 1 tablespoon and now to 1 ½ tablespoons. Currently, he has been on the protocol for eight months. He takes 3 Fiber Choice Fruity Bites with breakfast. And then with dinner, he takes 3 Now DHA 500 capsules (which I still open but now I pour them in a little berry lemonade) and 1 ½ tablespoons EVOO.

As for progress, he’s in 4th grade mainstream in the public suburban school where we moved. He’s gone from complete refusal to do any school work to doing all of it except math, as he missed some fundamentals due to his behavior issues. We’ve gone from phone calls from the school at least weekly to none this school year. His teachers have noticed his improved behavior. He’s more willing to try new things. He gets mad/upset but then can recover and get back to work.

He’s better behaved and more able to follow through at home too. He’s not constantly flitting from one thing to the next. He can follow my instructions without constant reminders. He just finished his lunch then cleaned up his train set (which I asked him to do before lunch then we agreed we’d eat first). He would have never remembered this much less been able to complete it without my instruction previously.

Besides all the behavior stuff we were primarily doing Nemechek protocol for, he’s had amazing cognitive gains that I didn’t know were possible. NP has resolved his slow processing speed. He is now able to come to appropriate conclusions which he never could before (even with all the time in the world), and now he can do it quickly. We have great conversations. When he is upset, he can tell me why! It’s truly amazing! Last time he tantrumed (that’s right tantrum, not meltdown), he came back out of his room almost immediately to tell me why he was so upset. I told him I understood but listed the reasons why he needed to do his chores. And he understood! Usually, he’d just be upset and no amount of logic could convince him to see any other viewpoint. Now we can have family meetings and compromise, like a typical family.

I consider him recovered because he’d never get an autism diagnosis today. He’s a completely different child. His behavior is Neurotypical. He doesn’t melt down anymore. He doesn’t get overstimulated. I can watch him get upset and recover and continue with his day. His teachers have noticed the difference too. Especially his theatre teacher/director has noticed him mature and recover quickly. He doesn’t need any extra supports in theatre (they do IEPs there too, but he doesn’t have one). He’s a regular kid, who just needs a little help in math.

I am so thankful for Dr. Nemechek to inventing this simple protocol and giving it away basically for free. It has forever changed our lives in such an amazing way!!

** Click HERE to read the follow-up update!!

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