A Powerful Story of Recovery


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The past three years have been tremendously difficult for Sara, and for us as a family.  We have managed to come out on the other side and we really feel it is important to share our story with others and potentially help them as well.

I have to give Sara HUGE PROPS for being so willing to allow people into her life in this way.  For so openly sharing her struggles, showing people her lowest moments and allowing them to see her at her worst.  She could have asked me to not make this video – and I would have respected her decision – but she jumped at the chance to potentially help other kids.

Being a teenager is not easy.  Being a teenager who is “different” is not easy.  But Sara has NEVER been afraid of hard.  At 13 most kids are trying so hard to be “just like everyone else”.   They are trying to fit in and not stand out for the wrong reasons.

But not my Sara.

She has never stepped down, given up or lost faith in me.  For three years I have been promising her that I would fix her.  That I would find someone who could fix her.  I can’t count how many times I told her we were going to try something new and she just smiled and went along with it.

Even when we asked her to go PALEO – a challenge for any person, but especially difficult when you are a picky eater – she just dug deep and did it.  It wasn’t always easy, there were tears, but she said “I just want to feel better.  I am willing to do whatever it takes”.  She made my very difficult job so much easier.

She is my inspiration.  My motivation.  And my hero.   I love her more than I can adequately express.  But more importantly, I like her – a LOT.  She makes the world a better place and you would all be blessed to have a friend like her.

This Protocol was hands down the simplest thing we did.   And the most effective.  We are 5 months in and we still think we are dreaming.

They say that when one member of the family is sick the ENTIRE family is sick and I can vouch for that.   When Sara went down – we all fell around her in different ways.  A father unable to protect his daughter, a brother who lost his best friend, and a mother consumed with finding answers.  Each person broke in their own unique way.

But we are all healing now…we are all finding each other again and we are stronger as a family as a result.  We laugh a little louder, hug a little longer and love even deeper than we did before.

Do you want to get the same success as Sara for your child? Then join The Nemechek Protocol VIP Support Group where I, and the other Support Coaches, will use our expertise to guide you to your own Success Story!

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  1. Thank you so much for this video, and for your courage in sharing your story and Sara’s. I know so many kids who could be helped by this, including almost all of the kids in my Special Ed classes. I wish these nutritional therapies were a normal part of the plans and treatments for our kids–I have so many kids that I know would do better if they could get what they really needed!


    1. Thank you for watching! I am glad you enjoyed it and I hope you share the information with anyone that you think will benefit! It takes a village!!


  2. Hello Kelsey and Sara!
    Your story touched us deeply. Sara, you are AMAZING! your STRENGTH and Perseverance is to be APPAULDED … you are ONE STRONG person. Because of these dark days, You are going to have skills to endure anything that comes your way in the future… where others may quiver and doubt… you will make it through! Our 14-year-old son Hayden and our family have been going through these ups and downs, good days and not so good, easy and hard days. Life continually got hard for us…he too was a trooper to try “1 more time” did so many different protocols that would work but for only a short time. We met with Dr. N. November 8th. Our entire family has Autonomic Dysfunction. Watching your video gave us HOPE to try ONE-MORE-TIME… To which I say THANK YOU! its only been one week we started Xifaxin yesterday… Kelsey, Thank you for taking a stand and posting your journey it made a difference to our family… for that, I will be eternally grateful 😉 God Bless You, Sara and all that read this. In Peace!


    1. Thank you for your kind words! If this video helps even one person than it was worth making and sharing! Best of luck to Hayden and your entire family I am sure you will all benefit from this amazing Protocol! Keep me posted!


    1. We immediately gave her dairy the day she started. With no negatives. It tool almost 3 months before she could eat Gluten again. 🙂


  3. Kelsey, thank you very much for sharing.
    I’m just shocked! You’re brave!
    And your girl is gorgeous.
    Bless your family!
    I’ve just started the protocol for my little girl 🙂
    Thanks for fb group also! It’s very informative and hopeful!


  4. Hi Kelsey and Sara..I have seen this video so many times..every time I see I get tears with happiness..u get me hope..I wish my beautiful daughter who s 5yrs old now should also change like your daughter one day..I knw how happy you feel now..how s Sara now?am in fb group too..pls update some more success videos of her..


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