How the Protocol works!

This is a VERY simple protocol but it works in a very complex ways.  The protocol itself only calls for a daily dose of Inulin (prebiotic), Omega 3 (fish oil) and Omega 9 (olive oil) and an abstinence of Probiotics and Omega 6 (soy).

That is it.

How does it work?  Well, SIBO stands for Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth.  In a nutshell it means that the bacteria in the colon have overgrown into the small intestine and are wreaking havoc.  The bacteria that is responsible for the overgrowth secretes something called Propionic Acid.  This acid in excessive amounts has a sedative effect on the brain and brain development.

We are born with over 200 billion neurons and by the time we turn 18 that gets trimmed down to only 50 billion neurons.  This synaptic “pruning” occurs as kids hit those developmental milestones.  Learn to sit and some neurons get trimmed.  Learn to crawl – lose some more.  Walking, talking, calculating etc. all contribute to further trimming.  This trimming is beneficial and necessary.  At birth the brain consumes nearly 85% of all oxygen and calories whereas when it is “pruned down” by 18 years of age it now only consumes 20% of all oxygen and calories.

When the brain is sedated or slowed by Propionic Acid these developmental milestones don’t get reached on time (or at all) and the synaptic pruning also gets stunted.

Inulin is what is used to get the gut back on track.  Inulin feeds the good bacteria that is meant to be living in the small intestine and helps it grow and prosper.  As it gets healthy and abundant it secretes an acid that creates an inhospitable environment for the colonic bacteria and it naturally retreats back down into the colon.

As it retreats the levels of Propionic acid in the body decrease and the brain “awakens”.  Once it awakens brain development resumes and all developmental milestones are achievable.

This is where the Omega 3 (fish oil) and Omega 9 (olive oil) come into play.  These two omegas are VERY potent anti-inflammatories.  The high levels of Propionic acid also creates severe inflammation and these two powerhouses are what is needed to reduce all the inflammation.

This is why you need to avoid Omega 6 (soy) because it is VERY inflammatory and keeps the body and brain in an inflamed state.  Strict avoidance of Probiotics are also required because probiotics will feed the bad bacteria (from the colon) that we discussed earlier.

It is all so simple, natural and easy.  And most importantly it works!  Here are some testimonials that have been reported on the Facebook group over the past 6 weeks:


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