Vertigo and Poor Hearing

Well I have good news and bad news!  As you may have guessed from the title…the bad news is that Sara has Vertigo!  The good news is that it probably explains why her hearing has been so bad lately.  I was so depressed that we weren’t getting the same amazing results (in regards to her hearing) with the Paleo diet and it turns out that it has just coincided with a bout of Vertigo.

Seasonal Allergy induced vertigo to be specific.  The tip off that this Vertigo is allergy induced is the fact she had Vertigo at this exact same time last year.  When I mentioned it to the Dr she said “Well that sounds like its seasonal”.  She asked if Sara had seasonal allergies and I admitted that this was the first year that we suspected she might have symptoms.

In fact, when Sara started complaining about being light-headed and dizzy again I began to wonder if it was connected to her noticeably poor hearing.  I also wondered if she might have an inner ear infection that had been initially causing the hearing issues and was now responsible for the Vertigo.  So I asked her if she had any ear pain and she said she did – why oh why can’t SPD kids just tell you they have pain?!?! LOL!

So we took her into the Dr. and when she looked into her ears sure enough one had fluid (the painful one) and one was red and irritated with no fluid.  The Dr said it wasn’t bad enough to prescribe an antibiotic but did send us home with a steroid nose spray to shrink the ear canal swelling and allow the fluid to drain.   Hopefully that will resolve the balance issues.

Fingers crossed it also restores her hearing and we begin to see the same results that we did previously!  Will update as the Vertigo resolves.





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